OnePIN Launches MsgXpress

Boston, MA – January 20, 2014

OnePIN, Inc., the world’s leading provider of mobile social call connectivity and social address book solutions, today announced the commercial release of MsgXpress — a new value added service within the company’s SIMplicity Cloud offering.

MsgXpress is a missed call “quick message” service for subscribers.  Subscribers can quickly send a personalized message with 1-click after missed calls. With MsgXpress, mobile operators generate premium VAS revenue with each message, and the service also increases operator’s “return call” volume and revenue.

The MsgXpress service enables mobile subscribers to send messages to people they have called in the circumstance where a call is terminated without a connection.  The service automatically detects that a mobile number was called, and also detects that the receiving party did not answer the call.   After the calling party ends the phone call attempt, the MsgXpress service prompts the mobile subscriber, and provides a range of messaging options.  The options presented to the subscriber can include both preset messages as well as customizable messages edited or written by the subscriber.

In general, most mobile calls result in a phone conversation.  However, there is always a percentage of calls where the call is not answered and these calls are dubbed “missed calls”.  Missed calls are a revenue loss for mobile operators.  The MsgXpress service personalizes the missed calls by providing detailed contact information and times when the call was made.  These messages create new calls or SMS messages as a follow up to the initial call. MsgXpress personalizes the automatically generated messages by including caller’s names and thereby increases the likelihood of the receiving party calling back the original caller.

The MsgXpress service is currently being launched in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East by multiple mobile operators.

About OnePIN, Inc.

OnePIN is the world’s leading provider of mobile social call connectivity and social address book solutions. OnePIN’s SIMplicity Cloud includes CallerXchange®, MsgXpress™, AdXecutive™, BoosterX™, SurveyXpert™, and MaXapp.™ The platform enables mobile operators to enhance the strategic value of phone calls and phonebooks.  The Company’s services are currently being deployed to over 240 million mobile subscribers across all handset models in 17 countries and 23 mobile operators spanning seven of the world’s largest mobile operator groups.  OnePIN is headquartered in Boston with offices around the