What we look for in our portfolio companies

Bold, Iconoclastic Companies

We invest in iconoclastic businesses based on profound intellectual property, invention or unique business models. Typically “unique” or “one-of-a-kind”, these companies are often market-creators. For example, Auterra Inc. has developed a family of novel materials based on a patented breakthrough materials process technology; the first application allows oil producers to economically clean up heavy, sour crude oil, greatly increasing its value.

Sectors with Pervasive, Persistent Opportunity

FATV invests in technology-based solutions for embedded and difficult problems. We call these opportunities longwaves. Some FATV longwave sectors include autonomous robotics, advanced information technology and artificial intelligence, energy technology and novel materials.

Potential to Work with Targeted Strategic Partners

We welcome businesses with strong partnering potential. We have helped our portfolio companies to accelerate market penetration and optimize exits through careful partnering. The FATV partners roll up our sleeves to help create partnerships between portfolio companies and powerful strategic partners. iRobot (Schlumberger, Hasbro, Johnson Wax), Softricity (Citrix, Microsoft), Auterra (large Canadian Oil Sands company) and E Ink (Amazon, PrimeView, Motorola) are examples.

Typically Sourced from Innovation Centers

Often, FATV sources from innovation centers, tech leaders and its network of entrepreneurs. In particular, we have a particularly strong reputation and track record with the development labs of innovation centers such as MIT Labs, Siemens R&D, and Cornell’s NanoScale Science & Technology Center. It is important to note that three of the most important company creations out of MIT in the last decade are FATV portfolio investments. We welcome entrepreneurs building their business in other ways, however.

Selectively… Venture Restarts

FATV considers opportunities where significant investment went into the development of a technology, without product commercialization or market traction. Typically we re-focus the team on a different market opportunity or execution strategy. FATV can and has realized early-stage return multiples with a shorter time to exit. Venture Restarts represented 25% of FATV prior investments, including E Ink and Softricity.

Fully 63% of the FATV Portfolio has no venture-backed competition; we bring unique diversification to our LPs.