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We seek early and expansion stage companies for investment that fit our profile of bold and iconoclastic businesses. We make new investments of $3 to $8 million, and target investing up to $15 million in any one opportunity. We focus on investing in Technology, Enterprise Software, Autonomous Robotics, and Energy Technology companies. We lead most of the investments in which we participate, and have the ability to bring in additional investors to ensure a company is backed by an investor team with adequate funding resources for the future. We take an active role in the growth of our portfolio companies and typically serve on the Board of Directors.

Our primary focus is companies founded on technological breakthroughs or innovative business models. We strive to partner with entrepreneurs poised to change the rules of competition or even spawn a new demand for a product or service. We select portfolio companies that are operating in dynamic environments in which there is no established, dominant competitor or where there exists rapidly changing rules of competition that make a dominant competitor vulnerable.

If you believe your company is a good fit for FATV, please send a concise summary description of your business. Define with precision your product, market and the pain point being solved by your business. Your business plan should also include:

  • Company description
  • Management team backgrounds
  • Technology and product concepts and road map
  • Market and competitive analysis
  • Historic and projected financials (with assumptions)
  • Short and long term funding needs

Thank you for considering FATV.  We look forward to hearing from you.