Auterra Inc. Awarded Oxidative Desulferization Patents

Builds Patent Portfolio for Crude Oil Decontamination and Upgrading Process Technology

 Malta, New York – February 28, 2013 – Auterra Inc., a clean energy company, has received notice of allowance on a number of patents for its FlexDS upgrading process technology.  Auterra’s proprietary FlexDS process provides energy-efficient technology for oil producers and refiners to improve the quality of their oil and oil products.  The process uses oxidation to remove sulfur and other impurities from a variety of heavy oil feed streams.

“Our FlexDS oxydesulfurization process technology provides the sulfur conversion, selectivity and recycle streams required for commercialization,” said Kyle Litz PhD, Chief Technology Officer for Auterra, Inc.  “It addresses all of the quality related attributes needed to be a true upgrading technology.”

Auterra has been developing the clean energy technology for the past three years, and will have over 15 US patents filed to cover the chemistry and process by mid of 2013.  It currently has 6 US patents awarded, with 9 more in process.  Internationally Auterra has filed over 50 patents on the oxydesulfurization process technology.  Auterra has developed its innovative patent portfolio centered on catalyst and process technologies for the decontamination and upgrading of heavy and sour crude oil and oil distillates.

“Most truly unique inventions come from small companies.  Auterra has proven this to be true,” said Arlen L. Olsen, patent attorney and partner with the intellectual property law firm Schmeiser, Olsen & Watts LLP.  “They have discovered a novel solution for a major oil industry need – an efficient approach for dealing with lower quality crude oil.  It’s unusual and highly valuable for a small company to have developed such a robust patent portfolio to protect their technology.”

 There have been numerous attempts to use oxygen instead of hydrogen to remove sulfur in oil processing.  Commercialization of oxydesulfurization process technology has needed to address problems of sulfur conversion, oxidant selectivity, oxidant cost, and sulfone management.  The FlexDS oxydesulfurization technology addresses these, provides energy saving benefits and is compatible with current oil industry processes based on hydrogen desulfurization. 

“Oxidative desulfurization is an attractive alternative to hydrodesulfurization technology due to its lower energy requirement for the removal of refractory sulfur species, such as dibenzothiophene, from heavier petroleum streams.” Litz stated.

Last year Auterra announced the completion of a strategic investment and joint development agreement with a Canadian oil sands producer for the commercialization of the upgrading process technology.

 About Auterra Inc.

Auterra Inc is a clean energy company, specializing in catalyst and process technology for the purification and upgrading of crude oil and oil distillates.  Auterra is located in Malta, NY at the Saratoga Technology + Energy Park (STEP). STEP is the nation’s first park dedicated to renewable and environmental-friendly, clean energy technologies.

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