Knoa Expands into Europe; Opens New Office in France

September 17, 2012. NEW YORK and PARIS  – Knoa® Software, the leading provider of user experience and performance management software, today announced that it will host a reception with strategic partner SAP AG at the U.S. Embassy in Paris on September 19 to recognize the opening of Knoa’s corporate office in France. Executives from Knoa and SAP AG will share their vision with key customers for the significant benefits that User Experience Management (UEM) solutions can bring to their organizations. Knoa will provide details about the new Paris-based office, which will support Knoa’s customer, sales and service efforts throughout Europe and reflects the growing customer demand for UEM solutions worldwide.

Knoa is a leader in the developing segment of UEM, which provides strong operational improvements and delivers substantial return on investment for customers. The company’s award-winning Knoa Experience and Performance Manager (EPM) goes beyond the performance of networks, hardware and infrastructure – providing a clear view of how users actually interact with the system – screen by screen. It lets IT proactively assess each user’s performance, understand how each user navigates the application, and provides an early indication of user inconsistencies before they reach the support desk or worse, the customer. The solution is resold by SAP as the SAP® User Experience Management (SAP UEM) application by Knoa.

“Knoa has become the de facto standard for end-user experience and performance management in the United States, and counts 20 percent of the Fortune 50 and hundreds of Global 5000 companies as existing customers,” said Thad Eidman, CEO of Knoa Software. “We have an award-winning product platform and an alliance in which we are one of a select few whose products are resold by SAP. The decision to open an office in Paris is a direct result of the interest we are seeing from brands in EMEA that want an unprecedented level of visibility into the actual performance of end users.”

Businesses Benefit from SAP UEM by Knoa

SAP UEM by Knoa monitors application execution from the perspective of the end user and provides precise metrics about the user experience as well as measurements on how effectively people execute the SAP application. Knoa delivers the most accurate metrics possible on the application performance from the end-user perspective, and an unprecedented level of visibility into the actual performance of end users. It gives customers a single software tool to simultaneously boost worker productivity and optimize application performance, quality and usability – while reducing software support costs.

“End-user management software is fast becoming an imperative tool to drive end-user adoption and promote efficient and effective use of organizations’ ERP systems,” said Clément Celier, vice president, SAP Value Engineering. “SAP UEM provides visibility into usage and error trends to help develop targeted training for both individual users and groups, matching content to the audience to drive further utilization of SAP solutions. The benefits to our customers include dramatic reductions in end-user errors, user support calls, and training costs.”

Knoa’s solutions provide comprehensive, precise metrics about application metrics and end-user performance insight – from the only place that matters – the end-user perspective. Armed with this insight, companies can effectively target resources for maximum leverage and optimal return on investment. SAP UEM by Knoa can optimize the performance and proficiency of organizations’ users, IT and functional support, application support and training team and significantly enhance the effectiveness of their SAP solution-based environment.

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Knoa® Software delivers on-premise and cloud-based solutions that monitor, measure and manage how end-users are utilizing enterprise applications to optimize end-user experience, enhance user performance, and deliver return on investment. Uniquely, Knoa automation provides complete and deep insight into all activities, by user, for each application monitored. 20 percent of the Fortune 50 and hundreds of Global 5000 companies have already licensed Knoa software to power their user experience and optimize their performance. For more information visit You can also follow us on Twitter: @knoasoftware.